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Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Mail Day

I love getting Swap cards in the mail.. It's one of my favorite things.. Here are a few I got the past few days.

The first card is from Carrie for a Matchbook swap I was in with her. Love those buggies.

The second card is from Nic and I just love the stamps from High Hopes they are one of my many favorites. I saw this card on her blog and hoped I would get it. And here it is. Too cool.

The third card came all the way from AU from Toni for a Thank you card swap. Love the details on the front.

Today I started to crochet an afghan yes finally got my hooks out. Didn't get very far about 6 rows. My neck has been hurting the past few days and it's hard to really do much of anything. No soaking in the Hot Tub until my tat heals probably Friday.

Right now I can't upload pics but I will keep trying I really want to show off the cards I got from my friends in my msn group.

Hope you are all having a great day. Hubby is getting farther along in my craft room/ closet. I won't get as much room as I wanted but it better than nothing I guess.

1 comment:

Nicola said...

I love seeing my cards on other people's blogs cause I know that if they think it is worthy of showing off then they must like it alot. Thanks Renee.