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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday Brad

Bradley Keith Larsen was born this day 15 years ago..

I tried to get a nice current pic of him but nooooo he was messing around with his new computer game.. check out the look on his face.. Now doesn't that just say MOM Leave ME ALONE LOL.

The next pic I took after I threaten him.. That he better Smile or Else.. He looks really worried.. LOL

We are going to be heading out soon to go and get some dinner at Chevy's his favorite place to eat..

My hubby and other son have been so busy putting the kitchen back together cuz mom went pyscho them about the mess.. Gosh I have kids coming tomorrow.. I can't have exposed walls!

I made Christmas cards today to get away from the mess.. I think I got about 15 done.. I will post pics tomorrow as this is Brad's day..

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