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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Day

Sorry it has been awhile.. I haven't done much crafting.. Kids are out of school out and I have been really busy with that.. Hubby doesn't feel good so this weekend we did nothing..

I did go and see the twilight movie which I enjoyed with a good friend.. I hope they make the rest of the movies soon.. The place they shot the movie was just wonderful I love seeing all the scenery.

I got invited out to lunch today by another good friend but can't.. Hubby has a doctor's appt. and I have 8 kids here today.. Tommorrow I only have 4 kids so that will be a nice change.. Then off for the rest of the week..


1 comment:

Julie Temple said...

My DD went this weekend, too! I guess I am gonna have to read this series and get up with the times....LOL! I am so happy you got to get some YOU time, in Kiddo!