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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blue skies are here again

Here is a pic of my 16 yr old son getting ready to drive my mom's BMW. Doesn't he look oh so cool?

Blue skies yes there are blue skies. Well my company went back home the fire danger is over for them. Hopefully there will be no more fires up there in Paradise. I think they are very tired of all the worry and smoke. I am going to sit and make a few cards tonight now that it is starting to cool down. It's almost 7pm and it's 96 out. But we are not complaining we are so happy to see blue skies. It has been over a week of smoky yucky skies.

Yesterday we went out on the boat and it was nice with the smoke since we didn' have the sun beat down on us. We still got a bit red I will peel a bit but I should tan up pretty fast. It was a nice day with family and friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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